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Michael Newman Mission

The Michael Newman Mission was started after the death of Michael Newman to shed light on Mental Health and Suicide Awareness. 

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On June, 15th, 2022 - Michael (Loren's Father) took his life by jumping off the Dead River Bridge. At the time Michael was homeless as he chose not to be a burden to his family. He suffered from undiagnosed PTSD that stemmed from childhood + adolescent trauma, as well as incarceration and heavy drug use. Despite all the adversities that Michael would face in his lifetime, he remained a humble soul that always put others before himself. Many times, he went without just to help someone else in need. Michael will be remembered and missed by everyone he crossed paths with.

We have started another mission to help others like Michael who are homeless and/or battle with PTSD whether diagnosed or undiagnosed - by actively donating to charities that help in this area. If you have a Loved One or Know Someone in need of help - We have created this Page to share local resources that may be available to them. 

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