My name is Loren Womack, I have created a Movement in memory of my baby brother (19 years young) Trinnen Chesnut and fulfilling the works God has placed on my heart. If you recieve a card, feel free to pass along with a Random Act of Kindness that you partake in. If you Choose to donate - Every dollar donated, will be used to give life and hope where God puts it on my heart to see fit. Giving Hope and Random acts of Kindness have been apart of my life since I was 19, Thanks to the Inspiration of my Baby Brother - Trinnen. It all started when Trinnen started running the streets and hanging with friends looking for a sense of belonging when our parents were going through a really bad seperation. At 13 years old, in a family of 5, He felt alone and depressed with only your Mainstream Music and TV as his outlet. That is when my secret passion to save young kids like my brother became the driving force and purpose of my life today. God started allowing me to see things that I didn't before. At that time, I was living in Daytona with the weight of the world on my shoulders. When I wasn't working to make money, I was finding my purpose. I was counseling young boys who were running the streets, buying meals for people who were homeless, speaking with people who were homeless about their life and how they ended up where they were while simultaneously spreading hope. My heart became so full of love and empathy started to consume me. I started to work on my mission of opening up a Youth Outreach Program for my hometown and ultimately - Save my brother. That dream started to fade as I eventually became pregnant with my first child.  As years passed, Trinnen started to Grow and Blossom. He went from an unrully hardheaded rebellious troubled kid, To a HardHeaded Compassionate Humerous Human Being. Trinnen was a troubled child most of his life being that he had a horrible relationship with our Dad until the very end their relationship was mended right before his passing. Coming from a dysfunctional family (& we still are along with the rest of the world), What started out to be a burden for him- Is what actually made him blossom into one of the most beautiful unique human beings walking this planet. His personality was out of this world, and his heart was bigger than mine and this Universe put together. He STOOD UP for what he believed in, No matter the Cost. He never backed down from anything he believed in. He soon became very protective over his mother and other females. The emotional and mental pain he suffered during his life haunts me everyday. His story goes beyond any one's imagine but his fearless temperment- Still lives on as his legacy continues. Trinnen did what most of our generation does to cope with such depression and feeling alone in this world - sedation. He was not a druggy, He got high on occassion when those feelings of anxiety would consume him. His last moments were spent making our family laugh, Telling a Publix Manager how great of a job an employee was doing, Taking a bicycle down the street to give the homeless men food, Spending time with his Big Brother, and working so hard his last week here - he made a $900 check at $10/hr to have been split between his brother, sister & nieces and nephews. Trinnen died on October 31st before the day even began. His autopsy revealed his heart also had a 75% blockage. With 4 children, A hardworking husband, 1 income, and a passion to save the world - Is a struggle in itself. Being a full-time On the Go Mom on a Tight Budget, I barely have time or money to help lift someone up when I see someone needs it so desperately. However, There are times when God puts it on my heart so heavy to do it anyways. Spreading Hope and Building Our Communities Up Is What we need to leave behind for Our Next Generation. STAND UP With Me and Be Apart of The #PAYITFORWARD4TRINNEN Mission by Spreading Life In your Community Or Donating- Saving One Soul at a Time.

April 29 - Oct. 31
1998           2017

Rusty Chesnut & Loren Womack
     Brother                           Sister