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Fishing Pole Giveaway

April 29th marked the Second Annual #payitforward4trinnen Mission Fishing Pole Giveaway at two local schools.

The Mission has been donating fishing poles + tackle Boxes to the youth for 7 years. Last year was the first Annual for

hosting this event at local schools.

We are Honored to announce that this year we partnered with a few other local businesses which brought in 21 fishing poles, 16 Tackle boxes and Over 3k worth of bait that were donated allowing us to giveaway 31 fishing poles + bait filled tackle boxes in total.

It was a privilege to honor my brother by donating to the schools on his birthday with approximately 80 students entering the raffle.

A big Thank you to our partners and to the schools for participating in this giveaway.

To Learn More about the PayItForward4Trinnen Mission Click Here


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