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Nathan, Lawson + Trace Bates - Medi Corps in Turkey

@Lawson Bates Post: "Our team on the ground in Türkiye is distributing critical items in bulk to thousands of families across the disaster region! From blankets, coats, sleeping bags and hygiene products, to rice, beans, lintels, high protein nuts, oil, and milk by the metric ton.

Your support and prayers are helping to make a difference for so many precious people who’ve lost family, friends, homes, jobs, community, and more . . . yet they are forever grateful.

A HUGE thank you to our in country partners, as well as those helping financially abroad to make this mission possible: @nhchurchbiblical @sonerta Antepsan Kuruyemiş #BibleBaptistOfEastTN #GodsWearhouseTN #WorldEmergencyRelief

You can personally join the relief effort today HERE:"


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